Fiachra eviston

Human biomechanics specialist


From many years of doing high impact sports such as rollerblading, amateur muay thai and boxing, my body had accumulated a lot of wear and tear.  Knee pain from running, neck pain from boxing, hip and shoulder pain from a combination of all of the above. 

Having been to myo therapy, chiropractors and physios to no avail, I was introduced to FP by a friend and did some research. I completed the HF1 course in 2016 and went about fixing my dysfunctions. Learning and applying the material from the HBS courses. I’ve been given the tools to significantly reduce the pain and instil better movement patterns in both myself and my clients.  FP is the real deal but it takes time, patience and a lot of hard work from both practitioner and trainer to attain a good result. 

Opening Melbourne’s premier facility has allowed for a greater client base and the chance for people in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area to come in and start the process to getting out of pain and move better.

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Monday – Friday 8pm – 8pm
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Since training with Fe I now run without the hip pain that had burdened me for 5+ years. FP is a tough AF session, both physically and mentally exhausting and Fe is both motivating and supportive in these difficult times. People often comment on my movement as fluid, graceful, strong, and FP with Fe has definitely added to, if not fully resculpted this aspect of myself. I feel infinitely more connected and in-tune with my body. Fe is personable and witty, and he ekes out what you are capable of. 100 would recommend.


Brunswick VIC

Been training with fi for 1.5 years now. He has helped me immensely not only with my chronic back pain, but arguably more importantly educated me and given me the tools to manage my pain myself. I have found training with Fi to be invaluable for all aspects of my health (physical, mental etc.).
Always having a laugh and keeping the sessions a refreshing dose of fun/serious/objective and intentional, I can assure you will be leaving wanting more from this legend!


Brunswick VIC

After 10 years of hard martial arts training and 15 years on the tools my body finally started to break. I boxed with Fi in Western Australia and linked back up with him when he moved to Melbourne.
Fi dramatically helped to correct my body and helped it to start moving functionally again.
Before starting Functional Patterns with Fi, injuries made me unable to train martial arts, hit pads or even go for a run without my upper back/ traps drilling me with pain.
Now I’m able to get through a hard days work and even hit pads again!
Highly recommend to anyone that needs help with injuries or just wants to start training FP to get in touch with Fi.


Melbourne VIC


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Saturday 7am – 4pm

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