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The Functional Patterns system uses three main modalities to identify and correct biomechanical imbalances in the body. These imbalances are often times the cause of chronic pain, poor posture, fatigue and much more.

3 steps to functional training

Initial consultation

First, we assess your static posture and conduct a gait cycle analysis. During the gait cycle analysis, you will walk or run on a treadmill, and the practitioner captures the movement in slow motion to evaluate the biomechanics of their gait.

Static posture pictures help to identify any areas of the body where there may be an imbalance, such as forward head posture, a rounded back, or uneven hips. These imbalances can contribute to pain, injury, and reduced performance.

Note: It is conducive to wear minimal clothing during these assessments to ensure the practitioner can accurately assess the body’s alignment and identify any areas of asymmetry.

Guided Self-myofascial release

Self-myofascial release (SMR) is a self-massage technique that involves applying pressure to the body’s myofascial tissues using tools like a PVC pipe or massage balls. This helps to release muscle tension, improve range of motion, and reduce pain and stiffness.

It’s important to implement proper technique as guided by a practitioner to continue the release at home. 

Corrective exercise

The application of IMAPS(integrative muscle active potentials) Is what sets FP apart from other fitness systems. IMAPS involves slow and controlled movements, often using a pulley machine, with the goal of replicating the movement sequencing of great athletes or movers into our clients. The best way to understand it, is to experience it. A fundamental basis of movement is often required before being able to execute an IMAP.

our services

pain control

At FP Melbourne we are dedicated to correcting muscle imbalances that cause pain, injury and movement limitations. 

People are often, unaware of the imbalances that lead to daily pain. We can help guide you to understand the imbalances that cause pain and demonstrate the tools on how to reduce pain. 

The combination of self myofascial release and one-on-one sessions with a practitioner can provide you with a comprehensive approach to correcting muscle imbalances, reducing pain, and improving overall quality of life.

injury prevention

When the muscles in the body are balanced and working together properly, they can distribute load and the forces of gravity more effectively, which can help to reduce the risk of injury. This is because when certain muscles are overactive or underactive, they can create imbalances in the body that place undue stress on other muscles, joints, and tissues. Over time, this can lead to pain, inflammation, and even injury.

By addressing these imbalances through self myofascial release and corrective exercises, we can help you to restore balance to the body and improve overall function. This can not only reduce the risk of injury, but also improve performance in physical activities and daily life. In addition to helping people live pain-free, FP can also help achieve your fitness and performance goals.

group classes

FP Melbourne’s training approach is focused on functional movements that adhere to the natural human patterns such as running, walking, and throwing.

By incorporating dynamic movements into your training, you can improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination in a way that supports your overall physical health and well-being.

The training will utilise kettlebells, dumbells, bosu balls, club bells, maces and fpinnovations paraballs.

FP Melbourne can provide a safe and effective training experience that helps achieve your goals without compromising your health or risking injury.

diet is part of the equation

Want To lower Inflammation, stop Bloating and Shed Unwanted Body Fat?

All of our clients have access to our incredibly effective Functional Patterns dietary protocol. When you work with FP Melbourne, you get a 17 page booklet outlining the exact methods we’ve used to help countless people of all walks of life to feel more energetic, feel more confident and to gain muscle while losing stubborn fat. Our diet protocol is thoroughly tested and researched and serves to rehydrate your fascia, tissue & muscle, increase collagen production, reduce chronic inflammation, increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage.

As a holistic practice, we integrate diet and lifestyle factors to support your structural & mechanical progress.

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Customers reviews

IMPROVED structure and Posture

Training with Dave has been nothing short of excellent for improving the integrity of my body. Working around a scoliosis has been a challenge for years and before beginning with Functional Patterns nothing was quite lifting me out of the asymmetries appearing on my body, particularly in my lower back. With a focus on training without pain and attention to the most minute of details Dave has noticeably changed the structure of my lower back, my underdeveloped left side is slowly moving towards symmetrical and taking the burden off of my right side. Looking forward to continuing training and learning more.
Jay Spark
Verified 5-Star Google Review
The new facility has been set up to specifically train with Functional Patterns training system unlike any other gym or rehab/exercise clinic in Melbourne. There are also highly experienced and certified FP practitioners available for private 1 on 1 sessions to address and improve your biomechanics and deficiencies within your movement. I have relieved my chronic hip pain by training with David. Highly recommend hitting up one of the FP practitioners if you want to learn how to move better and get rid of your pain.
Daniel Simpson

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