The process

The training: The Functional Patterns system uses three main modalities to get to the route of a biomechanical imbalance (which often times is the cause of chronic pain, movement impairments, incorrect posture)


Initial consultation

Your initial consult consists of a gait cycle analysis (running and walking on a self-propelled treadmill) and static posture photos. This is captured in slow motion and reveals the more obvious biomechanical distortions and gives us a start point for your training.

It also acts as a reference point and can be referred to by your trainer specifically to assess your progress. Minimal gym clothing is required so the joints and the ribcage are as visible as possible.


Guided Self myofascial release

 This is where an object like a lacrosse ball, pvc pipe or similar instruments are used to apply a measured amount of pressure to key points on the muscle and fascia(web like connective tissue). The pressure is held until the muscle or fascia is relieved of tension. This method helps to start balancing out the tissues in the body, paving the way for further corrective and dynamic work. Your practitioner will guide you through this release which you can then take home and practice in accordance with the training prescribed to you in the studio.


Corrective exercise

The application of IMAPS(integrative muscle active potentials) Is what would set FP apart from the crowd. To look at, its often found to be a slow, controlled movement often using a pulley machine. The intention is to replicate what great movers have and upload that exact sequencing into an average joe or a more athletic person alike. The best way to find out what this is , is to experience it. Keep in mind, a fundamental baser of movement id often required before being able to execute an IMAP.


Not necessarily, mostly you just a keen interest in fixing your body. The ten week online course is a good precursor to the training as it makes the fundamentals more digestible and creates a base of knowledge and terminology that will be learned in the training.

It took many years and a lot of stimulus to get your body to this point. Much of that stimulus
being of the incorrect kind as related to human biology, creating muscle and joint imbalances.
Reversing these imbalances and instilling new patterns can take some time which is different for
everyone depending on your situation.

Losing or gaining weight are both governed by many factors. Genetics, work/life balance,
environment, stress response, your sleep cycle and your training regime. At FP we promote optimisation of all of these things coupled with biomechanics to lose weight.

Yes, once the foundational work has been honed in and your body is responding well,you
can undertake the FP style bodybuilding. The premise is always joint decompression and
functionality at every level, so the movements will look different to a traditional body
building routine. Get gains without the pains!

Yes. The First and foremost we look to get to the route of your biomechanical dysfunctions.
When the exercises performed respect the patterns and sequences found in running,
throwing and walking the outcome is functionality without the pains and strains.

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