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Do you have scoliosis and want to avoid surgery? Does your scoliosis cause you pain and discomfort?

Address the system t0 straighten scoliosis

 Would you like to straighten scoliosis naturally?  Our method is unique and provides unparalleled results for people of all levels, backgrounds and disabilities. We understand that scoliosis can be a debilitating condition and are therefore passionate about changing people’s lives and straightening scoliosis through our targeted and individualised protocols.

Our team at Functional Patterns Melbourne is dedicated to pioneering the way with clinically-proven and evidence-based treatment for clients diagnosed with scoliosis. Our methodology has been shown to improve all types of scoliosis including idiopathic, neuromuscular and congenital scoliosis. We aim to provide patients with an exceptional level of understanding, care and patience throughout their patient journey. 

improved scoliosis Case Studies

Don’t settle for anything less than real, long-term results. See some of our success stories below. 

straightened scoliosis, improved co-ordination and posture - 5 months

I have seen significant improvement to my coordination, posture and proprioception through Functional Patterns. These sessions have played a key part in my journey to recover my cognitive and physical functions after my injury. Shane is an effective coach with a keen eye and knowledge for movement patterns. I have really enjoyed training with Shane. 


Functional Patterns Melbourne Client

improved scoliosis after surgery relapse

Courtney had a 50 degree curve T6-T11 before having spinal fusion in 2002 via thoracotomy, bringing the curve to 7 degrees. A second curve developed in 2018 from T5-L2 of 40 degrees which can be seen in the photo on the left. With a steel rod in the thoracic spine, there is a limitation to what we are able to do. This is why it is SO important to address the underlying course and structure and avoid surgical bandaids when it comes to scoliosis.


I have been training with Shane at Functional Patterns for 6 months now to help with my scoliosis pain. I’ve had significantly reduced levels of pain and a visibly straighter back. I look forward to making more improvements as we continue. Excellent trainer, I highly recommend Functional Patterns for anyone wanting to improve their lives.


Functional Patterns Melbourne Client

straighter scoliosis and no pain


I’ve had a very active background and have been involved in martial arts, traditional training and yoga for many years, some of which has attributed to the chronic pain I suffered… Thanks to FP I am getting relief and slowly my issues are disappearing… I’ve tried many other practices and seen specialists and I have had the best results with Functional Patterns so far… At last I am seeing amazing improvements in all areas of my body. This is not a short-term once-off approach and it takes consistency and time to work.

Functional Patterns Melbourne Client

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scoliosis results

If you have scoliosis and want to identify and treat the root cause through lifestyle and movement changes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Functional Patterns Melbourne.

straightening scoliosis

What training with Functional Patterns Melbourne looks like

phone call to discuss with one of our team

During this call we will discuss a brief history of your condition, goals and availability. From this information, we will match you with one of our Human Biomechanics Specialists. We have extensive experience working with and significantly chronic pain in our clients, see some of our results below.

Initial consultation

First, we assess your static posture and conduct a gait cycle analysis. During the gait cycle analysis, you will walk or run on a treadmill, and the practitioner captures the movement in slow motion to evaluate the biomechanics of their gait.

Static posture pictures help to identify any areas of the body where there may be an imbalance, such as forward head posture, a rounded back, or uneven hips. These imbalances can contribute to pain, injury, and reduced performance.

Note: It is conducive to wear minimal clothing during these assessments to ensure the practitioner can accurately assess the body’s alignment and identify any areas of asymmetry.

what happens after my first session

What now?
Your practitioner will assess your initial gait and static posture images discuss their recommendations specific to you. 

How long will it take to see results?
This is dependant on your body, how committed you are to the lifestyle protocols FP recommend, and how dedicated you are to training. We recommend 1-2 sessions in the gym with a trainer per week alongside practising the exercises at home.

Corrective exercise and dynamic movements
We will progressively build on the techniques you learn through chambers, corrective and dynamic exercises. As gait cycle results are our number one metric to objectively measure your progress, we will often take updated recordings of your gait during these sessions. 

Decrease pain and improve posture
We will work on breaking down the dysfunctions that led to your poor posture and pain while building new, functional patterns within the body. This will help dramatically decrease pain, improve spinal alignment, movement, agility, strength, posture and overall quality of life

And Finally, Your Result!

Our goal is to get you an incredible result. Our entire business and methodology is based around noticeably improving poor posture & chronic pain and decreasing pain to the point where people cannot ignore the work we do. If you want to change your life and be our next result, get in touch and start your incredible journey with Functional Patterns Melbourne.


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