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how does functional patterns

Improve Your Structure and Reduce Chronic Pain?

We are a team of Human Biomechanics certified trainers that will help you to eliminate pain and improve posture. We’ve successfully helped many clients with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, scoliosis, poor posture and more.

With our one-one training sessions, practitioners will help you to precisely execute corrective exercises that will then have a positive knock on effect to every movement you make. 

Put a stop to all the guessing and injuries while training and learn the blueprint to moving better with Functional Patterns.

the first four human movements

the fp first four

Standing, walking, running and throwing. By learning how to optimise these movements correctly, better health is no longer a gamble but inevitable. 

We find that improving your gait cycle reduces chronic pain, improves symmetry, improves metabolism, increases lean muscle gain, aligns posture and improves overall physical and mental well-being.

STANDING, WALKING, RUNNING and THROWING is the blueprint for our human biology


Functional Patterns is the result of tens of thousands of hours of testing. We have pioneered the Functional Patterns methodology by syncing the physics of our natural environment with our health better than any other system out there. 

Optimising these movements ensures that our clients move better, stay out of pain and never trade fitness for function again. This is the Functional Patterns way.

how to address the system

reduce pain / prevent injuries

Old injuries & pain holding you back?
We can show you the tools that will help reverse the clock and get you moving better than ever.

dynamic exercise / co-ordination

Move like a pro
Do you want to truly reconnect with your body? Learn the foundational exercises that can start to bridge the gap between you and the most athletic version of yourself.

postural correction / Muscle Toning

Self-myofascial release
Learn how to use self-myofascial release techniques to assist in posture correction and pain management. Learn firsthand why pressure point massage is far superior to conventional stretching for long-term results.


"before FP, I tried literally everything.''

– nik madhok

Functional Patterns is a results-based system. We proudly document our client's results, so that others can learn and benefit from this approach to training, that differs from anything else on offer in the industry.

Improve posture and movement

Addressing your biomechanics eliminates chronic pain naturally and permanently.
We all have a unique way of moving, standing, breathing and going about our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, we pick up some bad habits along the way. Our body then tries to compensate for these small habits and it causes poor posture, chronic pain and even emotional / mental alterations. Here at Functional Patterns Melbourne, we use specialised analysis techniques to find the root cause of your pain. We then help your body to undo any damage caused using individualised movements, and put you on a more functional and pain-free path.

Poor posture reduces the bodies over-all connectivity and function.
Scroll to the end of this page to learn about the most important driver of your posture and pain – the fascia. Otherwise, read about possible (and actionable) causes of poor posture alongside before and after case studies of people who have transformed their posture and quality of life.

Functional Patterns Melbourne uses a unique and holistic method of functional movement and various lifestyle alterations that offer incredible results. We want to work with you to get you standing tall, proud and pain-free.

Do you have scoliosis and want to avoid surgery?
Does your scoliosis cause you pain and discomfort? Our team at Functional Patterns Melbourne is dedicated to leading the way for optimal human movement with proven and evidence-based treatment for patients diagnosed with Scoliosis. Our practice treats all types of scoliosis including idiopathic, neuromuscular and congenital scoliosis. We aim to provide clients with an exceptional level of understanding, care and compassion throughout their FP journey.

Our method is unique and provides incredible results for people from all backgrounds. We understand that scoliosis can be a debilitating condition and are passionate about changing peoples lives through our targeted protocols.

If you’re looking to get strong, fit and coordinated, there is nothing like Functional Patterns.
You will be working on your health and biomechanics while gaining lean muscle and losing excess fat. The best part is, you will keep these results long into the future and your chance of injury will be extremely low. 

The way you move every day adds up. 
We tend to sit more, do the same repetitive movements every day and subsequently lost touch with our bodies over time. 

It is this disconnection from the fundamental movements that drives a generation of chronic pain, poor posture, scoliosis, and a general lack of co-ordination. Functional Patterns Melbourne is determined to change this.

real people, real Results


scoliosis and Chronic Pain

Before finding Functional Patterns I dealt with chronic thoracic /lumbar back pain due to two L4 fractures and 1 L5 fracture while participating in high-level training and athletic tournaments, which would affect my day-to-day life and activities. I also had a series of other health problems such as extremely compressed knees and hip pain which I saw chiropractors & physiotherapists without finding any long-term relief. Since joining FP I no longer take any form of pain medication and I trust the FP team to resolve my problems 100%


Functional Patterns Melbourne Client

Ready To Make A Permanent Postural Change?

If you have poor posture, speak to one of our Biomechanics Specialists about your situation and talk about how we can help you achieve a straighter, safer and more confident posture using Functional Patterns protocols.

helping clients get out of pain

We’re helping clients move pain free, all while building strength

Functional Patterns is an exercise regime like no other we have ever tried doing. It realigns your body to a more natural status in terms of tendons and muscles. I used to suffer from severe pain in my right ankle because of tear in my Achilles Tendon. After doing Functional Patterns., within a period of a month, my pain is gone and I am able to enjoy my life again.
Sajal Gupta​
Verified 5-Star Google Review
I was an athlete for 13 years in the past, dealing with different kinds of physio and training but strangely I always had pains and discomfort in my body. Also, my body parts developed in an uneven way. Functional patterns changed my mind about the human body, how it functions and works together accordingly etc. Now I get training without any fear of pain or misusing my muscles.
Yeayen Nam​
Verified 5-Star Google Review​
I’ve been to countless physio, osteo, chiro and yogis. This method is by far the most overall and comprehensive system to heal chronic pain as well as body and postural issues I have seen yet. Fiachra is a highly knowledgeable trainer and I enjoy him as a coach. I highly recommend him and do so to my friends and family. I am seeing amazing improvements in all areas of my body.
David Dalrymple
Verified 5-Star Google Review​​

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