Functional Patterns Has The Highest Success Rate For Curing Chronic Back Pain Than Any Other Method Available.

We focus on your whole body and we focus on improving your body in the motions you perform every day. So, if you are sick of chronic pain and ready to make a lasting change to your biomechanics, read our case studies and take action. No more expensive appointments that provide short-term relief and never address the root cause and the imbalances that are leading to your chronic pain.


Do you have chronic back, hip, shoulder, neck or leg pain? Are you ready to get re-connected with your body and get out of pain for good? Our method is unique and provides unparalleled results for people from all walks of life. We understand that chronic pain can be a debilitating condition and are therefore passionate about changing peoples lives and reducing chronic pain through our targeted and individualised protocols.

We aim to provide patients with an exceptional level of understanding, care and patience throughout their patient journey.

Posture & Chronic Pain Fixed

Can Chronic Back Pain Be Cured?

Life with chronic pain is life with too many boundaries. It’s a life with too much thought about what tomorrow will feel like, instead of being able to focus on the moment in front of you. We have had the pleasure of changing that reality for so many people by changing the way they move and interact with the world around them.

How To Cure Chronic Back Pain 

Addressing your biomechanics eliminates chronic pain naturally & permanently. We all have a unique way of moving, standing, breathing and going about our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, we pick up some bad habits along the way. Our body then tries to compensate for these small habits and it causes poor posture, chronic pain and even emotional/mental alterations. Here at Functional Patterns, we use specialised analysis techniques to find the root cause of your pain. We then help your body to undo any damage caused using individualized movements, and put you on a more functional and pain-free path.

We Look At The Whole Picture​ To Cure Chronic Pain

Most professionals see chronic pain as a localised issue (meaning the issue lays with the part/s of your body that hurts). We see chronic pain as a systemic, biomechanics issue. We understand that the entire body is connected and that the body is continually adapting to make way for our dysfunctions. When we move incorrectly, the muscles, tension, pressure and fascia that connect our entire body begin to function A-symmetrically. For example, your back pain may be a result of a dysfunction in your leg movement or your shoulder pain could be connected to your core stability. 

We Are Patient.​ Curing Chronic Pain Can Take Time.

It often takes a long time for the body to develop chronic pain. Because of this, it can take some time before your body is able address and correct the dysfunctions that are causing and maintaining the chronic pain. This can be a long and frustrating process. Knowing that your trainer is fully equipped to help and is willing to go on the long journey with you can be just what you need.​ Steady motivation and consistent progress forward is a hallmark of Functional Patterns Training.

We Have The Most Chronic BacK Pain Results On THe MArket.

Nothing is worse than investing time, effort and money into something that doesn’t work. When dealing with complex, structural issues that require significant effort to correct; having concrete evidence that the method you are using works for your specific condition is a must. Whether you work with Functional Patterns or not, never settle for less than concrete results.​ What’s more, there is both scientific and anecdotal evidence that correcting strength and structural imbalances can lessen risk of injury and improve chronic pain. We are the only method that truly understands the power of posture.

Chronic Back Pain Reduction Case Studies

Let’s take a dive into some Functional Patterns back pain reduction results, testimonials & before-after’s.



❌Intra abdominal pressure
❌Forward head posture
❌Ribcage compressed
❌Daily back pain
❌Thoracic spine visible


✅Decompressed ribcage
✅Spine decompressed
✅Thoracic spine not visible
✅Less forward head
✅Erector engagement
✅Active without daily back pain

Brad came from a background of endurance running, weight training and sports. 

He began experiencing tightness and pain in his back which stopped him from partaking in all of the activities he enjoyed. He saw a physiotherapist with no success. 

After giving FP a go, Brad has not had a back spasm in over 2 years and is back to running, playing sports and he thoroughly enjoys being active and out of pain. 

What Does Brad Have To Say?

I’ve done years of endurance running and dabbled on the sides with weight training and calisthenics/body weight training. I’ve also played basketball for nearly 20 years now.

Around 2016 I started having issues with back tightness and back pain that at times stopped me from running, bending, lifting and even sitting comfortably. I was seeing a physio regularly and just trying to tolerate the pain in hopes that it would one day go away.

In 2018 it got to the point where no activity was worth the pain and I ceased all sports and training. I became sedentary for about 6 months which seemed to exacerbate the problem and I started looking for programs and regimes that might help.

I tried yoga and flexibility programs, I tried a mobility and movement course as well as a program focused on powerlifting movements. All of them had their merits but only provided temporary relief for the troubles with my back.

Late 2019, I came across FP via a friend and looked at their social media pages. I was very interested and had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a shot. FP has helped me to understand my body in greater detail, how to address my dysfunctions and also how to move in a manner that limits the chance of aggravation and injury.

I haven’t had a back spasm in over two years, I’m back to running (shorter distances) and playing basketball, while also enjoying better movement for work and everyday living. There is still a ways to go, but I am confident I’m on the right path.

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Before: July 2021 -> After: December 2021



❌Constant neck pain
❌Excessive body fat
❌Forward head
❌Excessive Kyphosis
❌Dropped & Sagging shoulders
❌Lack of structural intergrity


✅Neck pain reduced by 98%
✅Body fat reduction
✅Reduced kyphosis
✅Improved head positioning
✅Elevated & Supported shoulders
✅Improved structural integrity

Jan was having constant neck pain and was deeply concerned about her poor posture. She says that booking her first session was one of the best decisions she ever made.

Why? less than 6 months on, Jan’s neck pain has improved drastically and her connection to her body, movement and breath is a lot healthier. 

How? Her trainer focused on the root causes of her structural and health issues to give her a long-term solution. 

How Does Jan Feel About This?

“I was recommended to go to FP Melbourne by my son as I was having constant neck pain on my right side and was greatly concerned about years of bad posture. At the age of 55 I felt if I didn’t address my pain and posture problems they would only get worse. Booking in with a FP practitioner has been one of my best decisions.
Jen has focused my training to exactly what my body/health issues were and we have worked together on getting to the root cause of my pain, to keep it away for the long term.

Nearly 6 months later (with majority of my sessions being virtual due to a long lockdown) I feel so much better. My neck pain has improved dramatically and Im also more aware of how I breathe, stand, walk and run. It’s great to have lost some body fat in the process too.
I cannot thank Jen and FP Melbourne enough for getting and guiding me this far. Her dedication and passion is amazing and I can’t wait to see how far I can go with FP.
Here’s to the next 6 months Jen! ”

— Jan, Pictured Above

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More Cases Of Chronic Pain: PERMANENTLY Fixed

If you have chronic pain and want to identify and treat the root cause through lifestyle and movement changes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Functional Patterns Melbourne

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Reducing Chronic Pain From a-z

(what training with functional patterns Melbourne looks like)

First - you will have a discussion on the phone with one of our professionals

During this call you will discuss a brief history of your condition, your goals and availability. From this information, we will match you with one of our Biomechanics Specialists. You can meet the entire team here. Each and every specialist in the clinic is trained in Human Biomechanics and has extensive experience working with and significantly improving chronic pain back and various other forms of chronic pain in our clients.

organise your initial free phone call with a specialist

Your first session will be 90 minutes long.

Your initial consult consists of a gait cycle analysis (running and walking on a self-propelled treadmill) and static posture photos. This is captured in slow motion and reveals the more obvious biomechanical distortions and gives us a start point for your training.

It also acts as a reference point and can be referred to by your trainer specifically to assess your progress. Minimal gym clothing is required so the joints and the ribcage are as visible as possible.

Following this, we will take you through myofascial release techniques that may help you to get on top of any dysfunctions we have pointed out. Specific postural correctives, chambers and dynamic exercises may follow depending on how your body handles each level of exercise.

What Happens After My First Session?

So you have completed your initial assessment and session, what now? Your Biomechanics Instructor will discuss their recommendations while taking into consideration your unique situation and their assessment findings. Although estimating the duration of improvement of chronic pain can be like predicting the length of string, we do know that the more time you are able to spend doing your Functional Patterns training, the faster you will make progress. Most protocols include 2-3 60 minute sessions per week alongside homework. You can also include some group classes to practice your fundamentals.

Following your initial consult, we will continue to build on the techniques you learned through chambers, correctives and dynamic exercise. As gait cycle results are our number one metric to judge objectively your progress, we will usually take video again of running/sprinting/your specific activity during these sessions. Throughout your sessions, we will work on breaking down the dysfunctions that lead to your chronic pain and postural issues while building new, functional patterns. This will result in a dramatic decrease in pain and an improvement in spinal alignment while also improving movement, agility, strength, posture, aesthetic and overall quality of life.

And Finally, Your Result!

Our goal is to get you an incredible result. Our entire business and methodology is based around noticeably improving posture and decreasing pain to the point where people cannot ignore the work we do. If you want to change your life and be our next result, get in touch and start your incredible journey with Functional Patterns Melbourne.


Ready To Get Out Of Pain For Good?