Not necessarily. Mostly you just a keen interest in fixing your body. The 10 week online course is a good precursor to the training as it makes the fundamentals more digestible and creates a base of knowledge and terminology that will be used throught the training.

It took many years and a lot of stimulus to get your body to this point. Much of that stimulus being of the incorrect kind (in relation to human biology) creating muscle and joint imbalances.

Reversing these imbalances while instilling new patterns can take some time and is different for every body.

Losing or gaining weight are both governed by many factors. Genetics, work/life balance, environment, stress response, sleep cycle and your training regime. At FP we promote optimisation of all of these things coupled with biomechanics to lose weight.

Yes, once the foundational work has been dialled in and your body is responding well, you can undertake the FP style bodybuilding. The premise is always joint decompression and functionality at every level, so the movements will look different to a traditional body building routine. Get gains without the pains!

Yes. First and foremost we look to get to the root of your bio-mechanical dysfunctions.

When you perform the exercises in respect to the patterns and sequences found in running, throwing and walking, the outcome is functionality without the pains and strains.

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