You’ll receive a detailed gait and postural analysis alongside hands-on training all within your first 90-minute session. Book your initial consultation today!

long term results

We get results from clients regardless of physical ability, body type or exercise knowledge.

As our system is based on the first four human movements: standing, walking, running; we look to optimise these primary functions within our clients. If you’re human, FP is for you. 

"all the aches and pains I took as a fact of life, now don't exist.''

– daniel katz

15 years of competitive Olympic weightlifting took its toll. Among the catalog of injuries, his left shoulder injury stood out. He has never been able to fix it until trying FP and now moves pain-free.

success stories

straighter Scoliosis and pain free


Before finding Functional Patterns I dealt with chronic thoracic /lumbar back pain due to two L4 fractures and 1 L5 fracture while participating in high-level training and athletic tournaments, which would affect my day-to-day life and activities. I also had a series of other health problems such as extremely compressed knees and hip pain which I saw chiropractors & physiotherapists without finding any long-term relief. Since joining FP I no longer take any form of pain medication and I trust the FP team to resolve my problems 100%

lower back pain


For 17 years I have been dealing with scoliosis and disc degenerative disease. I had lower back pain which was crippling at times… I started seeing Jen twice a week and soon after that went from crippling back pain 80% of the time to essentially no pain at all. I have a physical job so it is now much easier and more enjoyable to do because I improved my biomechanics and my body moves better. I also feel much more confident in how I walk and run and can do activities I couldn’t do before. There is still a long way to go in my journey but like they say it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Thank you Jen and thank you Functional Patterns!

protruding spine


With a lack of correct intrinsic core tension , her low and mid spine would protrude without her knowing.

Here we can see the result of nine sessions where the low back is supported by her spinal erectors and better intra abdominal pressure.

improved posture, pain free and 10kgs lighter


 feel like I am living in a completely different body to what I was back in 2019…On top of that my ability to deal with stress was poor. I was living in a state of anxiety and depression without realising the direct connection to my poor biomechanics… Once I prioritised my movement around walking, running & throwing – my back pain went. Changing my light environment, cutting out inflammatory grains from my diet and fasting has also helped improve my sleep / energy and lose around 10kg.

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