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Fiachra Eviston

Human Biomechanics Specialist

From many years of doing high impact sports such as rollerblading and amateur muay thai / boxing, my body had accumulated a lot of wear and tear.  

Knee pain from running, neck pain from boxing, hip and shoulder pain from a combination of all of the above. 

Having been to myotherapy, chiropractors and physios to no avail, I was introduced to FP by a friend and did some research. I completed the HF1 course in 2016 and went about fixing my dysfunctions. Learning and applying the material from the HBS courses. I’ve been given the tools to significantly reduce the pain and instil better movement patterns in both myself and my clients.  FP is the real deal but it takes time, patience and a lot of hard work from both practitioner and trainer to attain a good result. 

Opening Melbourne’s premier facility has allowed for a greater client base and the chance for people in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area to come in and start the process to getting out of pain and move better.

Jen Calleja

Human Biomechanics Specialist

Functional Patterns has changed my life in many ways.

Back in 2018 I suffered from consistent lower back pain and my posture felt terrible. I couldn’t run far without getting sore in my hips and around my shoulder blades.

When I completed the FP 10 week online course in 2019 I realised that my traditional training workouts had been contributing towards my injuries. I couldn’t believe how quickly my pain started to improve once I based my exercise around the fundamental principles of walking, running and throwing.

As a trainer who has been in the industry for 17 years, I have seen a lot of short-lived exercise trends come and go. None of them have made me feel as good as The FP training system.

Two years into my FP journey and my body moves how it is supposed to. It is great to be able to do a challenging workout and feel better at the end of it.

I now understand what good posture is and even better – my job is to share my knowledge with my clients to helping improve their movement and quality of life.

Whether you’re in pain, out of shape or just want to enjoy moving your body – I look forward to being able to help you optimise your health and functionality.

filippo Busa

Human Biomechanics Specialist

I played ice hockey from the age of 4-27.

At 15, I started training in the gym to improve my performance and build the muscle needed to compete at a professional level.

At 23, I reached my top shape, 86kg with 5% body fat, but despite that, I wasn’t able to walk for more that 10 minutes without dealing with some sort of lower back and shoulder pain, due to injuries never fully rehabilitated. Furthermore, I used to get seasonal flu several times during the hockey season and I was admitted twice to hospital for unexplainable symptoms, like loss of balance and co-ordination.

With time, I started questioning the efficiency and sustainability of my training and, after some research, found Functional Patterns. I took the Human Foundations Course in April 2016 and the following Human Biomechanics Specialist courses. Since then, FP has been a game changer.

For the first time in years, I felt like my body is finally regenerating and slowly overcoming the pain and discomfort I was constantly dealing with. Now, I move better than ever without the sensation of my joints wearing out and my health and physiology have substantially improved, confirming I have chosen the right path.

Functional Patterns has given me the tools to fix myself and help others achieve more functional and sustainable movement and lifestyle.

steve pitros

Human foundations Practitioner

Prior to finding FP, I lived many years with chronic back and knee pains, simply thinking that it was normal to be experiencing pain on a day-to-day basis. The pain had accumulated from years of traditional weight-lifting, working as a painter by trade, as well as general wear and tear. 

I tried chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists to help remedy the pain, but it was all short lived providing temporary pain relief. It had gotten to the point where I was unable to do daily tasks without experiencing aches and pains.

I have been applying the FP principles for the past four years and have experienced substantial improvements. Not only am I out of pain, but I have the tools to be able to reduce pain and assist others in improving their overall functionality in movement. 

I’ve noticed that as a result of addressing dysfunctions in my own posture and movement, I’ve seen improvements in my sleep, digestion, stress levels and overall quality of life.

My goal is to live a healthy and sustainable pain-free life and assist others in doing the same. 


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