What is FP?

Discover how to move your body without the pains and strains. Functional Patterns will help give you the tools to achieve optimal movement, performance and overall health. Take charge of your body today. 

what makes functional patterns different to other training systems?

we train based on the first four movements: standing, walking, running and throwing.

Functional Patterns’ training program was designed to optimise these first four human movements.

By learning how to precisely execute these movements, FP has seen a dramatic decrease in chronic pain, postural imbalance, muscular imbalance, injury risk and more.

No matter you’re physical ability, body type or exercise experience, if you’re human, you will benefit from this. 

we base our training around humans biological blueprint.
if you are human, fp is for you.

Why Is It So Important To Focus On Standing, Walking, Running and Throwing?

the approach

At Functional Patterns we take a first-principle’s approach. There’s an evolutionary blueprint to all organisms. Every human has more or less, similar anatomical structures. 

the benefit

We’ve broken down human movement into its fundamental components. Shared functions that define humans from other species – standing, walking, running and throwing. The FP first four. To train humans according this biological blueprint is what it means to train at Functional Patterns. 

success stories

eliminated back pain and improved posture



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